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Radhames RAD2131
58 years
174 cm
69 kg
Irving / United States of America
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I am a divorced man who whishes to start anew with a romantic and passionate woman
Oswaldo German OSW4341
64 years
172 cm
78 kg
Quito / Ecuador
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Олег YPV9442
22 years
182 cm
100 kg
Sanktpeterb / Russian Federation
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This is my old dream to have a African girlfriend,or friend)
Aleksander MFI6809
44 years
182 cm
98 kg
Kursk / Russian Federation
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I'm only interested in a serious relationship . creation of family. birth of children. only girls from Africa are interested .
Jean-Charles VAU9985
76 years
165 cm
65 kg
Passy / France
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A simple man, sports, still young in his head and in his body, looking for a young woman to share his life and love. If this woman to a little girl, I love him like a father.
Paul ANN4818
55 years
182 cm
86 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Dear all Girls, members of the website KissesOfAfrica.
Please be wary of this person : Paul (PAUxxxxx.
I was one of the women on the KissesOfAfrica website that was bothered by him and deceived and i lost time with him.
He just joked with us, losing our time. Please be alert and it's best not to reply to the message or make friends with him.
Specifically speaking, he texted and asked for my phone number to chat xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Then i found out he had a girlfriend and they were living together. Specifically, once when he called me, and suddenly a women rushed to snatch the phone and quarrel with him...
Kapitäncahos KAP1256
52 years
170 cm
105 kg
Schwäbischg / Germany
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Die Liebe des Lebens
Stu STU9372
66 years
188 cm
84 kg
Indianapoli / United States of America
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I'm retired and now exploring the beautiful ladies of Africa. I'm a practicing nudist and hedonist. I'm an honest man who enjoys all women. Dark ladies are my favorite. 8 1/2 Ebony my favorite color.
Baysah BAY4455
48 years
195 cm
107 kg
Monrovia / Liberia
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Easy and laid back. Don’t love to stress much. Want someone that’s fun and knows when and how to be relaxed..Life it too short to be otherwise!
gerhard GER2360
56 years
172 cm
70 kg
Mannheim / Germany
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i looking for some nice, honest, loyal woman
Marco MAR8988
42 years
180 cm
82 kg
Osnabrück / Germany
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I love nice big titties....
Alex ALE8495
28 years
173 cm
76 kg
Barcelona / Spain
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Disfruta de cuerpo, Disfruta de la vida.
Barmou Moustapha BAR2680
52 years
182 cm
71 kg
Niamey / Niger
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Je suis agent technique dans la société de distribution d'eau potable du Niger.
Benno BEN3315
48 years
180 cm
74 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hello,i look around and search frienship or all is perfect the Woman of my life
Ol OCL3335
35 years
183 cm
77 kg
Tuscumbia / United States of America
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I'm a easygoing person. Homebody.
Lambert LAM2774
55 years
195 cm
117 kg
Richmond / United States of America
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Very honest and kind
Ramkumar RAM0138
29 years
169 cm
55 kg
Mumbai / India
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Big ass, big boobs
Arnold ARN2106
61 years
175 cm
74 kg
Colombes / France
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Good, Kind, Hard working, Gorgeous and athletic
Dan DAN5204
54 years
178 cm
72 kg
Stratford / New Zealand
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Joerg JOE4617
51 years
180 cm
70 kg
Bei Montaba / Germany
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Every day without love is a lost day.
And something else: No Pic - No fun
I'm only a Free-Member