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Michoko MIC7658
56 years
186 cm
84 kg
Nice / France
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à l'aise dans mes baskets pas trop macho (quoique...), pas trop coincé (encore que...), pas trop moche (mais ça se discute !)
plus sérieusement au delà de l'attirance physique je cherche aussi une bonne alchimie et un bon feeling
John JOH2600
72 years
179 cm
88 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am an optimistic person who tries to enjoy every day as it comes. I like all sports and enjoy a little game of tennis. I often research topics on the internet for my amusement.
I would like to meet someone with a similar interest in sport and who would enjoy playing tennis, but I would also like them to have other interests which we could share.
Jeanpierre GRA1799
76 years
180 cm
75 kg
Cahors / France
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Mark MAR6093
52 years
178 cm
95 kg
Toronto / Canada
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I take a horrible picture no matter what the circumstances.

Fairly simple guy here. I'm honest, not a game player, enjoy nature and a nice conversation over a cold beer. I don't think I would want kids, but would open to them if you have your own.
Markus MAR9589
44 years
182 cm
90 kg
Rheine / Germany
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Hello sweet,
I‘m looking for a serious woman with beautiful legs and feet.
Sunshine SUN4901
31 years
172 cm
72 kg
Basel / Switzerland
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ask me
Eurico EUR2568
35 years
182 cm
80 kg
Lisboa / Portugal
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i want a african love

Please make me contact first, i cant talk and and respond to your messages
if you dont make contact.
Derrick DER5491
31 years
167 cm
73 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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Am fun and very good hearted individual. Kind soul and a gentlemen on this site but contact is limited due too non gold membership. So I will see you text me but cant respond back too you all. I know it sucks but I will see them.... But still reach out too me okay later.....
Benedict BEN7306
61 years
165 cm
43 kg
Opara / Nigeria
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I am vasertile and humble, sometimes outspoken. I like to command Influence, teach,
learn and demand for my respect. I do not like pets, timid people and eating fast.
Bill BIL4924
39 years
171 cm
67 kg
Kampala / Kenya
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I am an honest man and straight forward. I tell it as it is. i hope my partner shares the same approach. however, i enjoy new experiences, i am open to new ideas and willing to explore un tamed adventures. et in touch if you are ready to break the usual dating rules and take this marvelous ride with me.
Kelly KEL6002
42 years
181 cm
93 kg
Portland / United States of America
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I work a lot of hours, and soon I would love to retire, and go see as much of the world as I can. I have many places in Africa on my list. It would be very nice to maybe have someone in particular to meet when I get there. I do not have a lot of time to explore this site or many others that I have a profile on, so if I do not reply to a message please do not be offended. If I favorite or show interest in your profile and you are very young, please also do not be offended or creeped out because I might be too old for you. I do not think that there is anything wrong with being nice and complimenting you if you are young or closer to my age. I do not know when or if I will actually make it to Africa, but it is one of my dreams. I realize that you ladies do not have a lot of time to waste, so I do not expect too much correspondence from many of you. I do not mean to waste your time, so please do not be disappointed in me. If I can get to your country, I will will be contacting some of you, and who knows maybe even finding my next great LOVE. I cannot wait to begin the next chapters of my life and see different people, places, and things, but I always get homesick, and I always end up back in good old Portland, Oregon. Google it sometime if you have a minute and check it out. I think that many of you would really enjoy your life here. Thank You for visiting my profile, and good luck to all of you in your search.
Christian CHR5863
40 years
185 cm
96 kg
Copenhagen / Denmark
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Hello...i just came across this website looking for something completely different...but why not give it a try...i am myself openminded,loves to travel and meet new people,famely oriented,intelligent and looking for a woman that can match...so if you see your self in what i descibed about myself...please write me and lets get to know eachother
Peter PET5594
70 years
181 cm
95 kg
Dortmund / Germany
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Sorry, .. I search a clever woman, who can read well.. And attentive.

My Name is !!. dortwam .!! , I live in Germany and I am an PASSIVE member here now since last March.
I have 3 Kids, which are adult now already.
Long years I was alone with them - after my divorce.
Now they have good educations ( Schools and university ) and also very good works. And of course their own flats - near to my house.
We see us often.
I like Kids very much.
Also, I have !!.....scip....!! for later chatting and changing more photos. ...
I search a nice and good woman for me, to live common in the most serious way - and I want, she feels happy and sure at my side..
Ever !
Also, I have !!.....scip.....!! for later chatting and changing more potos.

It is not good to have long chat and mail contacts. I prefer a soon meeting , depending from the relations, we have maybe reached.

All my greetings.
Holger HOL7106
55 years
177 cm
95 kg
Altenstadt / Germany
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ich suche ein dauerhafte beziehung mit einer attraktiven Frau
Mikko MIK9115
41 years
174 cm
70 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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I am already happily married and i love my wife. But we want to expand our family by me having another wife. I am serious christian, and i want to make my family stronger, with your loving care. So, i need you, my right lady, to make this happen. :) I have no time to fool around with any kind of silly adventures. I have my vision for life. I want to take care of my family and work for the lord. I will take care of you and wish you do the same. I need you to be a saved, committed christian. You don't need to be perfect, but a decent, normal person, just willing to do right.
Lagene LAG8441
51 years
177 cm
80 kg
Amarillo / United States of America
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im easy going, kind, giving very loving.
John JOH4942
31 years
186 cm
39 kg
Abuja / Nigeria
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About I'm a good looking man very social romantic easy going smooth character ready to mingle with any serious person.
Tom TOM4217
62 years
173 cm
89 kg
Baselfreibu / Germany
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Hey! If an open minded young cute Lady with strong character and nice fruits is interested in a serious friendship with a guy in my age, please give me a
If You have any travel-plans to Europe this year would be great!!!
Detlef DET6677
73 years
174 cm
72 kg
Schwerin / Germany
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I am still searching for a true love and believe in Love,Honesty and understanding as a foundation for a happy relationship!
Andreas AND2601
51 years
172 cm
96 kg
Bielefeld / Germany
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Never give up on your dream!