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Bill BIL7680
51 years
178 cm
73 kg
Miami / United States of America
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Please read full profile. I like the outdoors, hiking , fishing and swimming.I go to the gym 3 days a week,very caring and honest. Looking for a submissive, obedient women. I am Black American Mixed black-and-white xxxxx days. In addition I am Muslim I believe in more than one wife I can support them financially. If sodomy is an issue please do not send a message.
Cairo Pierson CAI8098
57 years
182 cm
121 kg
Minneapolis / United States of America
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as a venturing out into the greater possibities although nothing is promised but faith to the faith believers you riders mounting up out there and riding off
Kazzie KAZ4671
57 years
177 cm
72 kg
Kalvehave / Denmark
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Last update: 2021 september 25.

READ ALL MY PROFILE BEFORE CONTACTING ME - read it thoroughly and read it all !!!


Send me a picture of you in a dress what reach the floor in your first message - if you can't do that, there is no reason to contact me, cause then I think you might be a fake profile.


Covid is on the run and there is no restrictions anymore here in Denmark - 80% of the population has got the vaccine so life is on the way back - that is wonderful.

You are welcome to come and live with me if we see us as a good match - I will gladly pay for your ticket to me, but first when you arrive here - I will be sure you are who you say are and what we have agreed about.

My computer is always turned on, so I might not be here - even I stand as online ..

Yes, I've been to your profile to look at you - I have a passion for looking at women and the way they dress - I just love to see if anyone dresses smartly in wonderful dresses or gowns.

My passion for the way women dress comes from my interest in wearing dresses - I'm a transvestite or crossdresser - but not full time - I usually only dress feminine privately or on special occasions. But I love wearing a dress or a skirt - the more feminine it looks, the better I feel.

I am into women, not men - even I love to dress as a woman myself - there is something special about being in a dress or skirt - Just love it.

All the pictures at my profile is me - there is no pictures of another person - both the pictures where I look like a man and also the pictures where I look like a woman - is all pictures of me - this is how I am and that is not going to change.
I am what people call a transvestite or a crossdresser

I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who want a submissive "girl" in life and a equal man in life.
I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who will live and enjoy dressing me as her girl in all the feminine dresses, skirts and gowns we can get - and then have joy in life for us both.

Just a fantasy - It could be nice to have a housekeeper, without pay, but am giving food and roof over the head. Who was living at my place and always was dressed as my maid or " xxxxx ".
Or another fantasy - having a daugther where I was the mother cause of my dressing - and offcause daughter is taking good care of mother.

As I say - just fantasies - but who know what the future will bring ;)
Mick MIC8331
58 years
189 cm
82 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I love and adore African people and often dream of that opportunity to be with my exotic dark queen lady soon. I am the type to immerse myself in new culture and love to follow your family traditions. I enjoy conversing via online mediums xxxxxxxxxxxx you will see that. I'm loving, caring and very sensual. I look forward to hear from you! +six one four one nine one three double seven three five. Mwahh and God bless you all!
Fabian FAB4495
51 years
169 cm
65 kg
Colombo / Sri Lanka
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I am Fabian Brian from sri Lanka. I am looking forward to get married to a woman with kids
Joachim JOA1852
62 years
180 cm
76 kg
Karlsruhe / Germany
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I'm not looking for fun.
I'm looking for real.
I hate lying.
I just want one thing from Bginn.
Absolute openness and absolute honesty.
life is too short.
Live your life every day as if it were your last day in your life.
Do not xxxxx .
Because lies always come out and it will only xxxxx you.

I hope you are intelligent enough! ?
Write out numbers, not as a number!
As letters!
In addition still the M.......R

- You can never solve a problem with the same way of thinking that created it.
- Nothing changes unless you change.
- No way in life is right now.
- The awake mind, the guard, always says, do not do that and do not do that. Read the last one (what your heart tells you) then you should know the way.
- After rain follows the sun. After the night follows the day. Leave the sun in your heart.
- Albert Einstein said among other things: There are many ways to happiness. One of them is stop complaining.
- Be the light for those who have lost the will to shine.
- Sometimes the path only becomes apparent when you start to walk it.

script please

Erik ERI4763
82 years
180 cm
82 kg
Copenhagen / Denmark
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Am a warm, honest, caring, calm and patient man who have had much betray in my life. Am an one-woman-man and still hope
to find an one-man-woman. Am looking here as i don´t believe they exist more in my part of the world. Am also a Godfearing man.
Frank FRA3790
59 years
174 cm
80 kg
Weiden / Germany
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Sorry I can only speak German
Only look for women who speak some German, others don't need to contact me okay
Anthony ANT2950
56 years
186 cm
118 kg
Laurel / United States of America
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Strong willed ambitious, caring open-minded and very sensitive of people's feelings and their opinions I am not interested in naked pictures of your body. I am interested in knowing you and growing with you into one honest and faithful relationship. I am honest and loyal to relationships and I'm not into games. Money is not an issue with me ,but get to know me before you ask for financial assistance from me. Let's take the time tp learn each as we earn each other Also people have tendencies to require certain qualities in a person before trying to engage and develop relationships if you require honesty, loyalty and commitment from a possible connection, then you must ask yourself if you truly deserve what you're asking for. ''How are you ever expect to win true love when YOU are not right from within''? Peace and Love to all of you beautiful and exceptional Ladies out there
Stephan STE8455
50 years
188 cm
90 kg
Cologne / Germany
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I have got an endless horizon!
Stu STU9372
68 years
188 cm
84 kg
Chicago / United States of America
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I'm retired and now exploring the beautiful ladies of Africa. I'm a practicing nudist and hedonist. I'm an honest man who enjoys all women. Dark ladies are my favorite. 8 1/2 Ebony my favorite color.
Cris CRI2547
57 years
193 cm
82 kg
Limburg / Belgium
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happy guy looking for a happy woman .No scam please
Jörg JOE4889
56 years
197 cm
112 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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Ich suche dich.......
Timo TIM7135
48 years
183 cm
78 kg
Bruchsal / Germany
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hi i fill me so lonly.hope can find a wife for my life . i don´t like games .
Rome ROM1950
42 years
169 cm
91 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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Please read this before you contact me, I had to revise my profile here because I am wasting a lot of time with foolishness here from some women. My profile is verified so therefore my information has been checked and vetted. I have four pictures on my profile, I am not giving you xxxxxxxxxxx for you to ask me to send you more photos so don’t waste my time. If you only have one photo and nothing on your profile don’t bother me, you won’t even give effort to let the men know about you why would I want to give you xxxxxxxxxxx for us to talk more. Its evident you have nothing to talk about. I don’t have hangouts xxxxxxxx so don’t ask and I’m not communicate with you via emails when you can’t even hold a decent conversation here on this site.
Don’t bother asking me questions that I have already answered on my profile. Name, age, any kids, where I’m from, what I’m looking for are all answered on my profile so with that stop wasting time lets talk about something else, I am here to find a serious relationship not waste time with games.
If you still reading up to this point, then here is something about me.
I enjoy camping, swimming, and shooting pool. I love to travel in my free time prior to the pandemic I have been to many countries, I served in the US Navy long time ago. I hold a college degree and I’m currently working on a second one. I am here looking for life partner. I am seeking an honest, faithful, woman with a big heart with lots of love to give. I am open to try new things and want to understand and explore your culture as well as you explore mine. I’m looking to meet a serious woman if you feel that special lady is you then let’s chat here first and get to know each other better. If I feel we can go further, I will then share xxxxxxxxxxx with you not before.
Ieuan IEU7205
73 years
166 cm
70 kg
Woodcote / United Kingdom
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Man seeking true love hopefully leading to marriage .
Hanson HAN8188
51 years
175 cm
90 kg
Cotonou / Benin
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belle, sociale,aimant les sorties, la cuisine et très ouverte.
Askia ASK3844
57 years
181 cm
88 kg
Columbus / United States of America
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I desire a trust Worthy honest caring person to interact with
I'm not seeking a wife from this website
Andres AND1401
35 years
195 cm
105 kg
Minsk / Belarus
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I like my life and I try to get maximal pleasure from it. Let's do it together
Ruslan RUS8033
24 years
175 cm
70 kg
Zhukovskiy / Russian Federation
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I would like to meet a girl, I'm from Russia ! write!