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71 years
175 cm
84 kg
London / United Kingdom
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Please do not ask for money or to replace data,not going to happen.
Erik ERI6304
57 years
171 cm
90 kg
Oslo / Norway
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Just curious who I might meet here
Derrick DER2042
54 years
169 cm
76 kg
Baltimore / United States of America
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Looking for an Honest fun loving wife who desires to come to America to start a family. I am a happy fun and faithful guy who is also a musician. Natural women please!
Jjjosef JOS2005
65 years
183 cm
80 kg
Maxvorstadt / Germany
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those wonderful ladies , who are exclusively searching for husbands or serious relations, please abstain; am not here for that. ( i am married already, sorry) :-)
and...since i am here for a long time, and lately 75% of the "people" ask me for money, airtime, phone.topups or similar "favours" after an average time of 5 minutes and 33 seconds of chatting, i want to make clear, that this is very annoying, and that in the future, from now on i will report immediately. so, scammers and fakes abstain, will you please...all the other few nice ladies, welcome to a lovely conversation or more
John JOH9106
49 years
188 cm
86 kg
Dallas / United States of America
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I am a college graduate with a Masters Degree from UT-Arlington in Digital Marketing. I work as a web developer for a major restaurant company and am a former CEO of my own music school, the Texas Guitar School here in Arlington, Texas. I prefer more mature ladies who are emotionally trustworthy and have direction in their careers, personal goals and family. Please be ready for marriage nad an emotional commitment.
Andreas AND9342
56 years
190 cm
89 kg
Karlsruhe / Germany
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Looking forward to hear from you!
Christopher CHR7955
54 years
169 cm
95 kg
Aalst / Belgium
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I'm a single guy living alone with his 2 cats. I really want to find my second half. I have never been married and have no children.
I'm not into games , so I'm really looking for the girl of my dreams and I want to grow old with her.
Trebol TRE6987
67 years
165 cm
62 kg
Ubatuba / Brazil
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Im a honest man looking for a woman, with kids better, for happy family.
Robbie ROB3510
52 years
187 cm
95 kg
Seengen / Switzerland
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Hello dear, honest, kind, sincere and beautiful ANGEL...

...Yes I mean you! Maybe you are looking for a quiet, nice, sincere, tolerant, sensible, honest and tall Swiss Guy. I'm open minded, kind, nice, passionate, humourous and romantic. Pls don't waste my Time with wrong Pictures and Fake Identities. Write only when you want serious Contact and want to know me more. I'm happy to hear from you soon and I'll wait. Dear Regards, Hugs and Kisses.
Klaus KLA9569
56 years
178 cm
72 kg
Joter / Germany
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First I have to apologize for my pics - they just showed my profession and were not accepted by this site. As Google can identify any person with his facial profile I have to avoid showing pics of my face on websites like this as I am an artist and a so called public person. So I would be shown as a member of this site and I can´t let this happen. I hope you can understand that. But if there would be a contact I would gladly send a real pic of mine - no problem. - Well, the rest is pretty simple. I am a musician, basically classical, and that´s why "She" should have similar interests. But I love good rock, crossover music and jazz as well and have my own band as an alternation to the serious classical world. In general I am very culturally orientated. What means I love concerts, operas, theatres, museums etc. on one hand. On the other I love to be a little bit crazy, what means to do just the opposite of what the majority does. I guess you can call me a nonconformist.
I´m searching for an intelligent and well educated African lady. Having a big butt may be an eye catcher but it doesn´t help when it comes to the so called inner values or to the durability of a relationship. I would like to meet a lady who could be my wife, my partner, advisor and my lover at the same time. That also means that I don´t like submissive and obedient women. And before I forget: I love to laugh. So - if you could be the other half of that so called "Us/We" then write me a mail. I would love to hear from you. And please realize that I only have a free membership. That means: you have to find a way to get in touch with me - not the other way round. And why is that?
Because up to a point I realized that most women here want just money or they show a behavior that doesn´t fit to their assertion to search for a serious relationship. In other words: Most profiles are fake and corresponding with them is useless and a waste of time. If you belong to the rare exceptions I would be happy to get in touch with you.
Andreas AND3346
58 years
180 cm
96 kg
Duisburg / Germany
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Search for the great love
Find your closeness
Look for loyalty and security
Find yourself for a common marriage
Paul PAU5160
40 years
191 cm
109 kg
Florida / United States of America
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Kobby KOB2130
39 years
161 cm
60 kg
Bedford / United Kingdom
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Calm, communicative, hard-working, caring and ambitious
Kapitäncahos KAP1256
54 years
170 cm
105 kg
Schwäbischg / Germany
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Die Liebe des Lebens
Erik ERI4763
82 years
180 cm
82 kg
Copenhagen / Denmark
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Am a warm, honest, caring, calm and patient man who have had much betray in my life. Am an one-woman-man and still hope
to find an one-man-woman. Am looking here as i don´t believe they exist more in my part of the world. Am also a Godfearing man.
Steffen STE9708
30 years
169 cm
100 kg
Halle / Germany
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Hello welcome to my profile I'm looking for a seriously woman a good relationship and later marry and create a proud family. Write me if your interesting. The age doesn't matter if it's not too difference.
Ralf RAL2622
46 years
180 cm
80 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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Gent looking for a Queen for Marriage
Eric ERI4471
53 years
173 cm
85 kg
Chimay / Belgium
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Please ladies, don't send me your phone number or email xxxxxxxxxxxx I can't read them when not gold membership. Just be less specific about it.
Thomas SCH1111
63 years
189 cm
92 kg
Senden / Germany
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I’m quite a normal “man”, with normal thoughts, with normal feelings looking for a nice woman, which wants to have a long term relationship as I do. At my free time I go for a walk (together with my dog – 3x a day) and sometimes I go out for dinner, meeting friends or watching a film at the cinema. I like cooking and reading – I don’t drink alcohol except a glass of wine with a good dinner. I like to pamper my “love” with different things. I’m very romantic and I'll show everybody that I felt in love. I like to be outside in nature as much as I can; in the summer time for swimming, bicycling etc. and in the winter time I prefer skiing, walking in the snow and as well swimming and having a sauna. I do not want to go alone through my life until I die. I want to have someone near me, who is curious about life and new things like I'm. I want to have someone near me, who can be childish and “crazy” like me, but as well to be honest if we have to. I want to have someone near me, who is open minded, who has no problems to talk about all. She should be independent in all. I don’t want to have a “housewife” near me, but I like to be together with her as often as it is possible. When I fall in love - then to 150%. With all what I can give and all what I will receive. I like to go hand-in-hand and be together with her every time. I like to be very tender and I like to kiss and to touch my love wherever and whenever she wants.Yes, I do like intimacy a lot in all variations - I am an one-woman-man and I want to find the right one with whom I could fulfill our fantasies.
Johann JOH9611
55 years
177 cm
100 kg
Cologne / Germany
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Ich sende kein Geld