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Maksymilian MAK7796
46 years
185 cm
88 kg
Lublin / Poland
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Jeanpierre GRA1799
77 years
180 cm
75 kg
Cahors / France
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James JAM6943
49 years
182 cm
82 kg
Prattville / United States of America
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like meet a woman that caring, strong-minded, honest and loving
Paul PAU5160
40 years
191 cm
109 kg
Florida / United States of America
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Bruce BRU6449
59 years
186 cm
90 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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I'm an American medical scientist who works developing new forms of treatment in alternative medicine. I've composed and performed my own human rights music on international television and travel to Paris for this most summers.

I also produce piano-based rhythm and blues and orchestral music for the romance. ;o) I love integrating African beats into the music and composing music and poetry for the woman I love.

I'm most attracted to African women, with experience in such a long term relationship. I like their integrity, beauty and spirit. I'm intending to bring my work to west Africa soon and would enjoy meeting someone for a long term relationship. I'm looking for a woman who is kind, considerate, communicative, great sense of humor, who would like to travel and is willing to learn and try new things.
Carl CAR1975
44 years
173 cm
80 kg
Utrecht / Netherlands
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I'm sick and tired of being on this dating site ad sick and tired of being alone. Am very eager to get married and start a family.

I love to read, travel, cook, music, philosophize, fitness, explore, etc. Next to my regular profession, I'm also an entrepreneur and writer of poetry and social-racial issues ( I have a blog I attempt to maintain, "searchingsolaceinmyhead" ). I'm NOT AT ALL RELIGIOUS (if that's what you're looking for), PLEASE NOTE: not being religious in no way means that one isn't an upright, moral, principled, good life values, etc. human being. Am vegan/vegetarian, I like to exercise my body and mind.

I'm in search of a kind, warm, loving, caring, ambitious, diligent, intelligent, inventive, creative, giving, friendly, socially aware, activist, knowledgeable, communicative, patient, understanding African woman, who reads (loves to read), communicates openly.
A woman who'll be by my side and with whom to build and manage an empire, form a power couple, and with whom to start a relationship that'll lead into marriage, and a beautiful, loving, successful, thriving family.
I'm really looking for and only interested in "forever". Nothing less!
I'm looking for a woman with common interests or similar. For the rest she needs to be genuine, down to earth, smart, self-sufficient, natural, and NO skin bleachers!
Serious replies, and looking for long term only!
I'm a Black women type of man, so Black women ONLY! I have a deep love, honor, respect, admiration, high regard, awe, and appreciation for, and pride in Black women. Not African myself, but I do prefer someone with African pride and knowledge of self (and of global critical race theory).
I have a preference for natural hair, and this might be a deal-breaker (it depends). Also have a love for dark-skinned women, although this definitely isn't a deal-breaker. As long as you're a Black woman with knowledge of self.

I ask a lot of patience from you as I'm very busy and I'm getting a lot of messages, while I'm trying to weed out the scammers and malevolent.
Siggi SIG1529
61 years
182 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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I am an academic man, living in Germany. I am looking for a kind, thruthful, beautiful and intelligent Lady.
Robbie ROB2342
52 years
186 cm
95 kg
Faceb / Switzerland
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Hello dear, honest, kind, sincere and beautiful African Lady...

...Yes I mean you! Maybe you are looking for a quiet, nice, sincere, tolerant, sensible, honest and tall Swiss Guy. My Name is Robbie . I'm open minded, kind, tolerant, passionate, humourous and tender. Pls write to me, when you want to know me more. I'm happy to hear from you soon and I'll waiting. Dear Regards, Hugs and Kisses.
Chris CHR6715
44 years
183 cm
79 kg
. / Kenya
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Work hard and play hard . Humble. Looking for a partner who can compliment me.
Frankfarian FRA8097
49 years
180 cm
98 kg
Hanover / Germany
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PLEASE READ: coffeewithyou with number 1 and you are free to be with me
read all clear please. you can message me but your adress or number must write diferent or they delete it here.frank then farian then 4 then 5 and in sk..y..p..e
iam a . i cant message you with my real words. But i can read your mails and you can write there
coffee with you than the number one and you get me
read the profil pleaseadd me there
where is my future love?
please only true all, dont ask about money!!
you find me in there
Muhammad MUH6531
65 years
155 cm
55 kg
Port Sudan / Sudan
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I am marine engineer working at Port
Sudan as marine surveyor. I have a house at Port Sudan.
I need serious woman to warm my live with real love in basis of marriage.
Michael MIC9807
49 years
176 cm
71 kg
Chicago / United States of America
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Hi Ladies! I am.Michael a God fearing man who ia looking for his aoulmate. I have no children and 2 amazing boy cats. I am seeking a serious relationship leading to marriage.
Ranti/Benee BEN9261
47 years
182 cm
76 kg
Abuja / Nigeria
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Just me. .rantinezer, Simple. Kind. Sincere. Open and friendly. And yes very spontaneous. f book me. I just wabt my own soulmate and wife
Gary GAR5092
63 years
178 cm
72 kg
Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates
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Just an ordinary guy though brought up as an old fashioned gentleman who enjoys life and has fun. For me it's all the time, Life is too short not to.
Lagene LAG8441
53 years
177 cm
80 kg
Amarillo / United States of America
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Hello i am lagene.sandlin am from america.im easy going,kind, giving very loving.looking for very loving girl to meet to get to know
Jorgen JOR6999
66 years
189 cm
82 kg
Roskilde / Denmark
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Hi im a farmboy so I come from the country.
Im just looking arround in the market for a nice girl. Maybee I found her in a warm country.
Lee LEE7579
66 years
166 cm
82 kg
San Antonio / United States of America
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i'll tell you later
Thomas THO9837
43 years
199 cm
103 kg
Chemnitz / Germany
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I from Germany can not read contact information here...no pro-member!!wazzzzappp + four..nine..one.:.sev.:..six..six.:.nine..sev..:one..:fiv..two..two :.:three
Manuel MAN5822
55 years
183 cm
97 kg
Mattoon / United States of America
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I've been described by others as being a very sensitive, empathetic soul who'll listen to other's problems as if they were my very own. I will put myself in their "shoes" in order to try and help them, if possible. I'm in search of a lady with similar qualities, as myself. Someone who's kind, loving, caring and sensitive toward others. Someone who's independent and someone who's very passionate when it comes to lovemaking and being my FOREVER SOULMATE❤.
P PFX2869
48 years
186 cm
75 kg
Rotterdam / Netherlands
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Am only here for honest, true and sincere lady for serious relationship,! Scamming, fake, materialistic, credit or money asking ladies can ignore me, cause I do the same.