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Fred FRE8693
46 years
182 cm
80 kg
Kristiansan / Norway
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i'm Fred Johnsen, only a FREE MEMBER without possibility to reply MESSAGES from other FREE MEMBERS. I ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH AND PERSONS ONLY SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGES DOESN'T NEED TO CONTACT ME. send me your contactdata
Willys WEL6500
55 years
201 cm
85 kg
Nairobi / Kenya
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looking for a serious lady out there ready for long term relationship
James JAM1575
51 years
183 cm
75 kg
Gautierms / United States of America
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im nice and caring and honest im looking for someone that can be loveing,careing and wants a happy live with each other
Siggi SIG1529
61 years
182 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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I am an academic man, living in Germany. I am looking for a kind, thruthful, beautiful and intelligent Lady.
Mario MAR0778
49 years
176 cm
85 kg
Sawston / United Kingdom
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I am looking for serious relation.
I am family oriented and I don't mind
if you have children already.
Mike MIK7484
64 years
183 cm
88 kg
Near Cologn / Germany
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My great dream is to find the great love. Honesty and trust are very important for me. Faithfulness in a relationship is a matter of course. I am not a butterfly!

You should have a slim figure, not too overweight, as well as an attractive and natural look. I'm not seeking here a top model, but a woman with heart and intellect.

Women with children are also welcome.
Eric ERI4471
52 years
173 cm
85 kg
Chimay / Belgium
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Please ladies, don't send me your phone number or email xxxxxxxxxxxx I can't read them when not gold membership. Just be less specific about it.
Anthony ANT2950
55 years
186 cm
118 kg
Laurel / United States of America
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Strong willed ambitious, caring open-minded and very sensitive of people's feelings and their opinions I am not interested in naked pictures of your body. I am interested in knowing you and growing with you into one honest and faithful relationship. I am honest and loyal to relationships and I'm not into games. Money is not an issue with me ,but get to know me before you ask for financial assistance from me. Let's take the time tp learn each as we earn each other Also people have tendencies to require certain qualities in a person before trying to engage and develop relationships if you require honesty, loyalty and commitment from a possible connection, then you must ask yourself if you truly deserve what you're asking for. ''How are you ever expect to win true love when YOU are not right from within''? Peace and Love to all of you beautiful and exceptional Ladies out there
Peccancy PEC1886
34 years
175 cm
75 kg
Lisbon / Portugal
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Looking for some nice conversations and real relationship with someone . if you would like to talk more sk. yp is
Paul PAU5160
40 years
191 cm
109 kg
Florida / United States of America
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Vadim VAD2168
38 years
170 cm
70 kg
Jekaterinbu / Russian Federation
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Looking for a bride from any city. Looking for a tall African woman to live and enjoy together. I live in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Jeep car, music, warm-up, running, sports. I don't speak English . I only know Russian. I'm 48 years old. An African woman is my dream))) looking for a chocolate bride !
Thomas EMM8108
48 years
189 cm
120 kg
Cologne / Germany
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I am a divorced man and looking for friendship, maybe is there the right one
Joachim JOA1852
61 years
180 cm
76 kg
Karlsruhe / Germany
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I'm not looking for fun.
I'm looking for real.
I hate lying.
I just want one thing from Bginn.
Absolute openness and absolute honesty.
life is too short.
Live your life every day as if it were your last day in your life.
Do not xxxxx .
Because lies always come out and it will only xxxxx you.

- You can never solve a problem with the same way of thinking that created it.
- Nothing changes unless you change.
- No way in life is right now.
- The awake mind, the guard, always says, do not do that and do not do that. Read the last one (what your heart tells you) then you should know the way.
- After rain follows the sun. After the night follows the day. Leave the sun in your heart.
- Albert Einstein said among other things: There are many ways to happiness. One of them is stop complaining.
- Be the light for those who have lost the will to shine.
- Sometimes the path only becomes apparent when you start to walk it.

script please

Basti BAS3084
45 years
183 cm
80 kg
Nürnberg / Germany
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I am looking for a serious relationship
Ben UNS9427
27 years
187 cm
77 kg
Navrongo / Ghana
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Just checking who's out here. Not really expecting much from this but giving this a shot. Anyway, just a little about me. I just want to say that honesty is my main goal with this. I don't care how it makes me look, I'm looking for a lady who is ready to share with me the happiness and excitements of life, a lady i can call mine and always make me happy all the time. I believe age is just a number and good looks does not define the heart. Hope we can work something out together, I am looking for a real lady who is serious and ready for something serious that can lead to meaningful relationship.

PLEASE... just don't waste your time sending me a message if you're not serious. And guys who pretend to be ladies moving from profile to profile looking for nudes should also BACK off cos I will detect you from a hundred miles away.
Don't ask of my phone my phone number in your first message; that is a sign of scam and I won't even reply you.
Looks like i'm sounding crazy but trust me I'm a really calm and nice person so feel free to drop me a message if you're a genuine person. Thank you and have a wonderful time. Good luck.
Alex ALE7001
42 years
182 cm
80 kg
Prague / Czech Rep.
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I am a decent white guy who seeks the beautiful ebony girl for love and friendship. I am really like the black girls. I dream to meet my black Princess.
Jeanpierre GRA1799
77 years
180 cm
75 kg
Cahors / France
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Stefan STE3505
51 years
189 cm
85 kg
Duisburg / Germany
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I can Not read message but i leave xxxxxxxxxxx number , zero zero four nine ,zero one seven nine four zero three seven four two six ,hope to hear from you soon as possible please use the number which i was write here
Marcel MAR1996
37 years
185 cm
90 kg
Leipzig / Germany
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want to get to know a sweet woman to become good friends and maybe more!I cannot contact you here or even send you a message here. Have what app, please write numbers in words or just write me in KIK: MystiqueLE
Joel JOE7691
36 years
144 cm
62 kg
Accra / Ghana
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I am a nice and simple man and every woman will like to have by her self and I am hard working I need a woman who we can grow old together as one